About CSR Conference

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Today, the primary objective of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to maximize a company's overall impact on society and stakeholders. This involves the idea of maximizing shared value among organizations, employees, customers, shareholders, and community members. An increasing number of companies are now comprehensively integrating CSR policies, practices, and programs throughout their business operations and processes. CSR is no longer seen as just an indirect expense or nice to do activity but is considered an integral part of doing business that has a huge impact on the reputation of the organization as well as its bottom-line.

Corporate and Social Responsibility in Botswana has significantly evolved and improved over the years. Many companies, both large and small, are going above and beyond to integrate CSR into their overall strategies. This commendable move has resulted in companies contributing immensely to various facets of community development and involvement. These contributions range from educational programs, skills development, ICT, innovation, sports development, community entrepreneurship, small to medium-scale enterprise development, financial literacy, diversity & inclusion, social welfare, healthcare, environmental conservation, and more. There is now a global push to embrace corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices.

Against this backdrop, CSI-concepts has introduced the concept of a CSR Conference. The conference will focus on how companies have reinvented their business strategies by incorporating CSR initiatives into their core business. It aims to showcase sustainable growth models and highlight the principles and best practices used by corporates and CSR & Sustainability professionals to innovate their existing efforts. Effective partnerships will also be emphasized, as they play a crucial role in driving CSR success.

At this event, participants will have the chance to gain insights into cutting-edge global and local CSR practices and techniques. The conference offers a distinguished platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to share and exchange the latest innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

Evolving perspectives on how CSR generates value for corporations in line with changing trends.
Crafting an effective CSR strategy tailored to your organization's goals.
Developing CSR Policy for your organization.
Seamless integration of CSR throughout the organization for maximum impact.
Strategies for ensuring the success and effectiveness of CSR initiatives.
Leveraging the role of CSR to enhance your organization's sustainability efforts.
Strategic planning to identify optimal social investment projects.
Implementing robust monitoring and evaluation systems to maximize the impact of CSR interventions.
Collaborative approaches and partnerships for sustainable projects driving socio-economic development in communities.
Introduction to sustainability reporting and steps to identify material issues for your company.
Exploring the intersection of CSR and ethics.
The role of governments, NGOs, and civil society in driving CSR initiatives.
Addressing challenges of social inclusion, gender equality, inequalities, and human rights through CSR.
Examining CSR practices in financial companies and responsible finance and investment
How to have an Employee driven CSR Strategy.
The influence of sustainable telecommunications on CSR and the impact of the digital revolution
Evaluating the relationship between CSR and reputation management.
Exploring potential conflicts between other sustainability concepts and CSR, particularly in small and medium enterprises.
Budgeting for CSR initiatives implementation